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Simple Harmonic Motion

Trigonometry Review

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Enjoying the tedious definitions? There's more to come!

Displacement (s): the total distance that a simple harmonic oscillator moves from its equilibrium point - measured in meters (m).
Amplitude (A): the maximum displacement of a simple harmonic oscillator - measured in meters (m)
Frequency (f): the number of oscillations per second - measured in Hertz (Hz or s-1)
Period (T): the time required for an oscillator to complete one cycle - measured in seconds (s)
*** Let's take a closer look at the relationship between frequency and period. Frequency is measured in cycles per second, whereas period is measured in time per cycle. They are reciprocals of each other! ***
Therefore:  f = 1/T   and    T = 1/f
As previously stated (many times), SHM is based on trigonometric functions. We must investigate these further...

Alesa Rabson & Maria Forero - Simple Harmonic Motion